Shippers of Low Value Products
Under current US Customs regulations, shipments with a value of less than $200 are generally exempted from the need to file formal entries or meet the ACE requirements. This allows the shipments to move across the border with minimal paperwork.

There are exceptions to this rule.

When a load on a truck contains both shipments over $200 (which require formal entries) and shipments less than $200 (Section 321 shipments), then the Section 321 shipments are subject to the ACE requirements and shipment data must be provided to Customs.

Other governmental agencies (OGA's), such as FDA, may require product information. Since US Customs is the "entry point" of most such data, the shipment data must be captured and provided to Customs, for distribution to the OGA's.

The various data collection tools offered by EC Dynamics can be used to capture the required information and electronically provide it to an ACE provider.  The data is captured and posted to the EC Global Dynamics server. The ACE provider uses the E-Manifest module to retrieve the Trip and assign the variable information (Shipment Date, Driver and Equipment). To the extent necessary, additional shipments, captured via other methods, are also stored on the EC Global Dynamics server and can be added to the ACE Trip. This allows the commingling of Section 321 shipments with shipments in excess of $200.